schindler house in west hollywood

After the LAMA auction preview I had some time, so I headed towards Hollywood from Van Nuys via Laurel Canyon Blvd. This took me kind of near the Schindler house on King’s Road in West Hollywood, where I had wanted to visit the Esther McCoy exhibit and see the house. Since it was Monday the show was supposed to be closed, but I figured I would swing by and at least see the outside of the house.

I found King’s Road and pulled over when I saw a space, which turned out to be right in front. After cautiously walking up the steps I learned that the exhibit was indeed open – woo hoo! I ponied up seven dollars and except for a video monitor playing an interview with Esther McCoy I was all alone. This time I had my camera ready so I took a lot of shots.

The King’s Road house was designed and built by R.M. Schindler for his wife Pauline and another couple in 1921. He was inspired after camping in California to create a modern living and working environment that evoked the feel of a communal campsite.

Come on in!



one of the fireplaces inside


an exterior fireplace


"sleeping baskets" on the roof are where you conk out for the night under an open platform with canvas to protect from the rain





Schindler’s King’s Road house is now widely considered to be the first truly modern house. It’s made of concrete, glass and wood. No trim, paint or stylistic decoration. His spatial compositions and the layout of the house are magnificent – it’s really unlike any other house I’ve been in.

He had furniture too of course! I especially love the wooden cube chair:



 For more info, please visit the MAK Center Schindler House web site.

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