fletcher benton “synchronetic” kinetic art sculpture

This is a short video of a Synchronetic L-110, which was a limited edition kinetic art optical sculpture produced by Fletcher Benton Studios for Galeria Bonino in New York in 1969.

Fletcher Benton is a sculptor who currently lives in San Francisco and who explored kinetic art earlier in the 60’s. Most of his kinetic pieces are larger and more unique, however he created this edition of around 100 for sale through his new gallery at the time in NYC.

There is a hexagonal pattern of small holes in the front, and what I imagine is a disk with a similar pattern behind the front that is motorized. When the disk slowly turns and is lit from behind, you get the cool Moiré pattern. The disk can turn for quite a while before you see a pattern repeat, which is cool.

I came across this at a recent auction here in the area and it makes a great conversation piece for visitors, not to mention a nice alternative to TV. And, the missus has proclaimed it as her favorite of the pieces I have come across recently and dragged back to the cave – so that’s another plus!

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