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barbara shawcroft and “legs”

A long and contentious relationship between Bay Area fiber artist Barbara Shawcroft and the management of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system has apparently come to a conclusion with the recent removal of her massive work titled “Legs” from the Embarcadero … Continue reading

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the design in fassbinder’s “world on a wire”

I had heard that Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s film for German TV called “World On a Wire” was an especially good bleak futuristic sci-fi movie, and so I rented the DVD from Netflix. I really enjoyed the movie, but as a … Continue reading

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“creating modern furniture”

These pictures are from the 1975 book “creating modern furniture” by Dona Meilach. It is a how-to book for craftspeople with lots of great basic information about building your own furniture, mainly out of wood. However, it interests me (the … Continue reading

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