mel bogart ashtray stand for felmore

"Mel Bogart ashtray stand for Felmore"

ad for Felmore ashtray stand by Mel Bogart from Interiors magazine, Dec 1953

I was happy to stumble across this ad in the December 1953 issue of Interiors magazine that revealed the mystery of a piece from our collection! This piece was described here in my earlier post, “i like it, whatever it is (#1)”. We’re using it as a catchall under our mail slot, but it was indeed an ashtray stand as I suspected.

"mel bogart ashtray stand for felmore"

It’s the number 620 ashtray stand by the designer Mel Bogart, and it was created for the Felmore company in Van Nuys. Since the date of the ad is late 1953 I’m assuming the piece was made that same year. Bogart also designed furniture for Felmore, including daybeds and tables, as well as fireplace tools. I believe he was an architect too, but I need to confirm that.

Felmore also had a retail outlet called Felmore Associates in Pacific Palisades in the 50’s.

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4 Responses to mel bogart ashtray stand for felmore

  1. I worked with Mel Bogart at the Welton Becket Architect office in the mid 1950s.
    Later in 1968 thru 1970 Mel worked for Charles Luckman Associates Architects and
    I was consulting for that firm on department stores. At that time Mel headed the retail
    design division of the Luckman firm.
    Mel as far as I know was not an architect, he was a very fine designer.

    • Greg Greg says:

      Great pieces of information, Jim! I appreciate it very much. Perhaps some time I can find out more from you about your history with design. Thanks again! – Greg

  2. Al Sanchez says:


    I saw one of those ashtrays in San Francisco. It was in the lobby of the Daphne Mortuary building, which was designed by famed architect Quincy Jones. They tore that beautiful structure down for another high-density living project unfortunately. I should have asked to buy it, which I’m sure they wouldn’t have cared — oh, well. It was right next to a small George Nelson secretarial desk. Anyway, I found a nice blond oak Felmore daybed with a foil label and fabric label on the Los Angeles Craigslist about a year ago. Picked it up in Brentwood, California. It’s definitely a keeper.

    A. Sanchez

    • Greg Greg says:

      That is cool, A. Sanchez, thanks for sharing! I always liked the Daphne Mortuary building – I used to live nearby and would gaze upon it fondly when I passed by. It was indeed very sad to see it go.

      Nice to hear about the Felmore daybed, sounds like a score!

      – Greg

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