I like it, whatever it is (#3)

"iron and jute sculpture"My very good friend in the southland came across this piece a couple of years ago at a garage sale while he was driving around. He characterized the garage sale as having your garden-variety kids clothes and toys and general consumer flotsam, and then this metal-and-jute piece and its companion.

There was a lighting fixture inside that he said looked very dangerous and was probably some after-market kluge job. My friend wisely removed the lighting fixture and now has it in the corner of his living room as a cool sculpture. To me it looks like a giant mutant peanut.

The iron frame is pretty thick and the whole piece stands about four feet tall. There was another similar piece that had the fat blobby part higher up and the skinnier part on the bottom, so the other piece was sort of the mirror image of this piece.

"iron and jute sculpture top close-up"

close-up of the top

"iron and jute sculpture inside close-up"

inside close-up

It looks to date from the seventies but really, who knows? It is very cool whatever the heck it is.

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