the liljestrand house – vladimir ossipoff

A few months ago while visiting in Honolulu we had the good fortune to take a tour of the Liljestrand House, an amazing and significant mid-century house designed by Vladimir Ossipoff for Betty and Howard Liljestrand and completed in 1952. The tour was just after sunset and the views of course were amazing, seeing as how the house is situated up in Makiki Heights above Honolulu.

Bob Liljestrand gave us a very nice tour of the place and allowed us to explore on our own. He pointed out that Ossipoff went to great lengths to set up the approach to the front of the house and not give away the incredible view until you were actually inside past the entryway. Also, apparently a fair amount of the building materials were pretty humble, and they used inexpensive lumber. For example, a salvaged monkeypod tree was put into service for the stairway and for some of the furniture which was also designed by Ossipoff. I now have a new respect for monkeypod wood – it looked great.

I tried to go all Julius Shulman and take a bunch of pictures of the interior, but they didn’t really do the house justice. The picture above will give you an idea of the feeling of the house at night.

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