honolulu’s IBM building – vladimir ossipoff

"Ossipoff's IBM building - Honolulu"

view of the front of the IBM building from Ala Moana

I am happy to report that unlike the Queen Emma building, the IBM building is still looking good!

This Honolulu mid-century modern landmark was designed in 1962 by Vladimir Ossipoff and is one of the most recognizable modern buildings on O’ahu.

"close-up of the sun shade - IBM building"

close-up of the IBM building's sun shade

Mr. Ossipoff’s sun shade design is especially elegant – the grid pattern is created with long vertical concrete elements that don’t connect to each other. This allows rain to wash through and not collect in the boxes.

Also the angles of the pattern prevent pigeons from nesting and “befouling” the screen. Genius! As you can see the shade looks very clean.

"IBM building corner "

The pattern of the sun shade also manages to evoke both the look of computer punch cards and Polynesian patterns. Every time we see it on our visits to Honolulu we are really happy to see it.

(More about Vladimir Ossipoff here.)

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